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Donate real estate to charity, it is a great way to get fast liquidation of your properties. We have professionals with wide knowledge of all types of real estate donations and the correct process of the property donations. We will guide you all the way through, to ensure a smooth and hassle free real estate donation process for you.

When you donate real estate to charity, you eliminate or diminish your capital gains tax liability, which you will engage if you will sell your real estate or properties. By donating your real estate you will eliminate those expenses.

Your property donation will allow you to receive a tax deductible receipt for the full appraised value of the donated property. You can support any cause with your real estate donation anywhere in the world. The entire proceeds of your property donation will be used for a good cause.

We will cover all closing and recording fees. In order to receive your tax deduction, you’ll need an appraisal on the property. According to IRS regulations, the donor has to provide the appraisal.

Our organization makes it easy to donate real estate. Our professionals will work together with you or your lawyer and accountant throughout the process, ensuring that you get the fastest turnaround and maximum benefit from your real estate donation. We take care of your unwanted real estate and do good for so many at the same time. Your real estate donation will help so many in need.



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