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1. Call us or submit the information about the property donation.

2. We will review the real estate donation and send you the closing documents to you to sign.

3.Our team of real estate donation specialists will take care of the deed transfer and all the proper documentation and expenses related to the donation.


We Accept Any Type of Real Estate Donation

The real estate donation process is simple and easy. Our team of legal consultants are experts in the property donation process and they will guide you through it to achieve the highest possible tax deduction, benefiting you and the charity.

There are many benefits when you donate real estate. First of all, the donor gets a great tax deduction based in the appraised value of the property and the tax deduction can be carried for five years. Secondly, by donating real estate, the owner will avoid any expenditures, taxes and fees as he would have to pay if the property would be sold. Third, the certainty that by donating real estate, the charity can outreach and help others in a more efficiently manner.

Donate real estate to charity. Help us to make a difference! We are currently not accepting donations in California.


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